Figuren, Modelle und Zubehör in (fast) allen Maßstäben !




a huge number of 1:72 figures boxes arrived. Some rare sets between them. We sell them for attractive prices. If you are interested send a mail to imperialchief(at) and you will get a full list of the available sets.

Some sets only available in small numbers. So the early bird get's them. We sell them in chronological order of incomming orders.



This year my wife and myself thought we have earned a good holiday:-)

So we will be on tour nearly the whole May. So in the time from the 01th May to the 31st May we can't send any parcels.

After some thoughts we decided to let the shop open. Uwe is on air and can answer your mails in this time. But as he can't manage the sending of the parcels because he lifes some hundred kilometers away from Hagen.

We hope for your understanding!



Welcome to our shop !
Here we offer a wide range of figures, models and equipment.
Our main focus is 1/72 scale but other lots of other scales are comming soon
Here we offer models which are not mainstream and which you won't (or with
difficulty) find elsewhere.
As a special service we offer other hobbyists and producers of small ranges the opportunity
to show and offer the products to a wider audience without having to work entirely by themselves.
We can take over the logistics, selling, delivery, advertising etc.

Our slogan is: From Collectors for collectors !

So if you have a special conversion or a nice model, building etc. which you think 
would be intersting for other hobbyfriends, then talk to us - we will find a way to produce and promote it!
For more information click the button "information" in our main menu.
Have fun surfing our shop!

Your Hagen-Miniatures team

Andy, Uwe and Jens

 - Expositions

- 19.03.2017 - 43. Deutsche Kunststoffigurenbörse - Kulturzentrum Herne

- 05. - 09.04.2017 Intermodellbau Dortmund, Westfalenhallen

- 03. - 04.06.2017 Model Fair at German  Tankmuseum in Munster

- 11. - 13.08.2017 Zinnfigurenbörse Kulmbach



all the products in our shop you can see without registration.

If you want to buy them you have to register before. With some new registrations (for example a hotmail-address) it could happen that our security-system blocks the registration. This is because of Spam-mails etc.

If you have this problem please send a short mail and we can open the account.

We hope you understand this security measure.

contact: imperialchief(at)


- New manufactorers at "About us"

- New items at: "Shop News"


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