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Hagen-Miniatures Hagen-Miniatures

Own production

Imperial-Modellbau Imperial-Modellbau

Fritz figures Fritz figures

home of the exotic

Yogi´s Figuren Yogi´s Figuren

RF-Figuren RF-Figuren

Italwars Italwars

Military history with Italian craftsmanship in 1/72

Toma Miniatures Toma Miniatures

20mm Nostalgic Revival - ex Wodensfeld 20mm Nostalgic Revival - ex Wodensfeld

Our hobbyfriend John Cunningham bought the long lost original moulds and now wants to bring the figures back on the market.

Franznap miniatures Franznap miniatures

Frank Ziegler Miniaturfiguren Frank Ziegler Miniaturfiguren

Privat Offizin - Eisenbühler Zinnfiguren Privat Offizin - Eisenbühler Zinnfiguren

DT Models DT Models

Tumbling Dice Tumbling Dice

All TD-figures will be sent directly from the UK without any extra cost for postage for you. Designed to be compatible with plastic figurines and scenery, the ranges offer metal models at a practical cost for gamers to reproduce armies, while still providing detailed figurines & models for skirmish games. Items of riders or foot are sold in packs of 8 with at least 4 or up to 8 different designs per pack. Each pack may have shields or weapon options included and some have choices for equipment or head variants. Horses are sold in packs of 4 for the same price again there are 4 or more poses available.

Coal Ridge Models Coal Ridge Models

Compagnie de Elite - Figures Compagnie de Elite - Figures

G-B Minaturen G-B Minaturen

Enfilade figures Enfilade figures

Dragons Cave Dragons Cave

K.History K.History

TM 1815 Miniatures TM 1815 Miniatures

FHF Miniaturen FHF Miniaturen

Foy Figures Foy Figures

Honved miniatures Honved miniatures

No retreat miniatures No retreat miniatures

Figures from Leon Figures from Leon

Crooked Mile Figures Crooked Mile Figures

Minairons Miniatures Minairons Miniatures

Northern Metal Northern Metal

Empire of Elba Miniatures Empire of Elba Miniatures

AD Proelium Miniatures AD Proelium Miniatures

Might of Spain Might of Spain

Winkler's miniatures Winkler's miniatures

MM miniatures MM miniatures

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