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Shop News

here we show what is new in the shop and where you can find it

NEW 06.02.2019

Two more new Prussian Generals for the SYW from Winkler The three new ones are:

General Winterfeld, General Werner and General von Ruesch. The last two are Generals of Hussars.

Commandset of Spanish Cavalry, war of the Spanish succession from "Might of Spain"

NEW 04.02.2019

Austrian Emperor Franz Josef in 1859 from MM Miniatures

Austrians Dragoons 1848/49 from MM Miniatures

Spanish Dragoons WSS from Might of Spain

The next Prussian General of the SYW from Winklers

NEW 23.01.2019

Two sets of Polish light Dragoons for the siege of Vienna 1683 and the Turkish wars from Fritz Figures

A set of Greek Phalangites and a Hypaspist with separate arms from Hagen-Miniatures

NEW 07.01.2019

After a long time we finally have some new sets to offer.

The one set of 1870 Prussian infantry from DT Models got a brother. We added charging Prussians to the range.

MM-Miniatures has a new set of 1809 Tirolean insurgents. This time it is the Landsturm in addition to the first set we already have in the shop.

Frank Ziegler was very busy and comes with several sets an a complete new range. We have:

Two more sets of British artillery 1768-1780 in addition to the one we already have.

For Napoleon in Egypt it is a commandset of French infantry in Kleber uniform.

Three sets of French light infantry for the campaign of Marengo 1800 AD.

And a complete new range "Cunaxa 401 BC". 10 sets of Persian and Greek cavalry to cover this campaign. 

NEW 23.09.2018

Prussian infantry 1864-1871 from DT-Models 

Napoleonic Bavarian Generalstaff, Bavarian mounted infantry officers and infantry charging from GBM

Men at arms and Crossbowmen for the War of the Roses or the Burgundian wars from Frank Ziegler

Tirolean insurgents 1809 from Hagen Miniatures

British artillery 1768-1786 from Hagen Miniatures

Three sets Spanish infantry and a set of Spanish cavalry for the war of the Spanish succession - From Might of Spain

Three sets of Russian cavalry 1786-1796 from Leonid. Useful for the wars against Sweden (1790), Poland (1794) and Turkey (1787-1793)

A set labelled "Waterloo" with a mixture of figures for the battle

NEW 08.08.2018

Two month we were quiet, but now comes a wave of new sets:

Ming Generals on horse and two sets of Ming Imperial Guards from DT-Models

French infantry 1853-71 (Crimea, Italy and Franco-Prussian war) from DT-Models

Napoleonic French Dragoons command set from GBM

Five different Prussian Generals of the SYW from our new partner Winklers Miniaturen

Another set of French infantry in Egypt (1798 Kleber uniform) This time a firing line from Fritz-Figures

Then we have the start of a new project from our new Partner MM-Figures. The war in Italy 1848/49 (Risorgimento) These figures are also useful for the war against Hungary 1849. 

General Radetzyk

Austrian infantry command set

Austrian infantry marching


NEW 06.06.2018

Three funny sets of 18th century civilians having Picknick from RF.

Also a set of German Jägers for the SYW or American Revolution also from RF.

Two sets of Napoleons Guides in the French Revolution and the Egyptian campaign from fritz Figures.

NEW 20.04.2018

Napoleonic Portuguese Cavalry Command from Fritz Figures

Set "Duellists" From Yogi

Two Sets Ming Musketeers from DT-Models

Japanese supply troop also from DT-Models

NEW 08.04.2018

Two sets of Burgundian Pikemen 1470ies from Frank Ziegler

Also from Frank five new Sets of French infantry in Egypt 1799/1800. A sixed set also made by Frank, but we sell it under the label of Imperial. Check the whole range when searching for periods.

Also by Imperial a lot of Bunkers and Buildings in 6mm scale

NEW 16.03.2018

Burgundian archers war of the Roses from Frank Ziegler

Spanish Grenadiers 1700-1715 War of the Spanish Succession from our new partner "Might of Spain"


"Shrapnell" - A set for the ACW from Imperial

Another Macedonian Phalangite from Fritz-Figures

Russian Train-Riders 1812-15 from Fritz Figures

Saxon Garde du Corps from Empire of Elba Miniatures

A French camp Napoleonic period from Imperial

Now the complete Ottoman Napoleonic army from Fritz-Figures. Photos will follow

Many buildings in 6mm scale from Imperial


NEW 10.01.2018

A set of Bengal lancers for the 2nd Afghan war and other colonial wars from Fritz-Figures

NEW 26.12.2017

The first three sets of the Napoleonic Ottoman cavalry from Fritz-Figures

With the special permission from HAT the Spartan army which sadly will be never produced in plastic - now in metal  from Fritz-Figures


NEW 22.12.2017

Before the end of the year we bring some more news. Today it is 

The first three sets of French infantry in Egypt from Imperial

French mounted General staff from GBM


NEW 19.12.2017

Emperor Vespasian from Fritz Figures

3 sets of Ming Chinese Guards from DT Models

6mm Roman tents from Imperial

NEW 05.12.2017

British Guards in square formation 1815 from Fritz Figures

A Landsquenet artillery from Imperial

"The King" and Lenin from Imperial

15mm Honved miniatures Kroatian Seressaners 

6mm buildings from Imperial 


NEW 01.11.2017

Three more sets of Napoleonic Bavarians from Hagen-Miniatures (Ex Falcon)

Four sets of Australian lighthorse at Bersheeba 1917 from Fritz Figures

A set of "Hand to hand combat" in the Boer-War from Fritz Figures

Two more sets of US infantry for San Juan Hill 1898 from Fritz Figures

NEW 22.10.2017

Four new sets from Fritz-Figures for the 1st World War.

German and British staff and two sets of Belgian Lanciers (with a paintjob also good as German Ulans).

NEW 03.10.2017

Italian Askaris 1890ies to fight the Derwishes and Ethiopeans (Adowa 1896) from Fritz-Figures

Arquebusiers late 15th century from Frank Ziegler

NEW 13.09.2017

Three sets of German Landquenet from Fritz Figures

A set of Spanish Guardias Wallonas from GBM

Several tents for different periods from Imperial

Two new sets of Vikings from Imperial

Last but not least we have a new manufactor - Ad Proelium. From him we have two sets of Hospitaler knights

In 28mm we have a set of Cowboys from Imperial

NEW 06.08.2017

Four new sets of French infantry in our range of the French Revolution from Fritz-Figures

Also the first three sets of our project on the Ottoman army 1780 to 1815.

In this period they fought the Austrians and Russians from 1787 to 1792, The French in Egypt and Syria 1799 to 1801 and the Russians from 1806-1812.

In addition to our range of British riflemen we have a new pose - the famos Plunkett-shot.

NEW 28.07.2017

Russian infantry commandset 1812-15 and Russian Reservists for 1812-15 from Empire of Elba Miniatures.

French Revolutionary infantry in the old Royal uniform for the beginning of the French revolution from Fritz-Figures

A Boston Hussar from the War of 1812 from Fritz-Figures

British foot artillery for Spain from Yogi's figures

NEW 18.06.2017

again more then 40 new sets of rare Art-Miniaturen in the Marketplace. All Napoleonics and just one set from each available.

From Imperial we have a new set of Vikings with priest and sacred stones

NEW 31.05.2017

3 sets of Gypsies in the 18th century from RF Miniatures

A set of 30yw/ECW civilians in winter dress from Hagen-Miniatures

At the court of the Ming Empereor from DT Miniatures

Napoleonic British medics from TM 1815

Portuguese cavalry in the Peninsular war from Fritz Figures

Prinz Eugene and his staff in Russia 1812 from GBM


And in 15mm we have from Honved-Miniatures two new sets - Hungarian infantry 1848/49 and Austrian staff. Both useful for the Hungarian war of independence and the war in Italy.

NEW 02.04.2017

A Roman forge from Hagen-Miniatures

NEW 30.03.2017

Napoleonic Bavarian infantry from Hagen Miniatures

Austrian infantry 1809-1815 from Leonid

NEW 23.03.2017

French Dromedarcorps in Egypt 1798-1800 from Crooked mile figures. The first in our new range of Napoleons Egyptian campaign. Over 20 figures!

Napoleonic French dragoons on patrol from GBM

NEW 19.03.2017

We got a collection of 1/72 metals from a collector who asked us to sell them for him.

So now we put several sets of Art-Miniaturen and Kennington figures in the shop. Check the marketplace and in periods the armies. All the figures are for Waterloo. Most of them no longer available from the producer. We also got a collection of Minifigs and Wargames Foundry figures for Waterloo. If you are interested in them send us a mail. 

NEW 11.02.2017

Two sets of Prussian Cuirassiers in the SYW from RF 

Two sets of Japanese artillery-crews for the 16th century from DT Models


NEW 04.02.2017

Three sets of Ming Chinese musketeers for Thomas ever growing range for the Samurai invasion of Korea 1592 - from DT Models

NEW 02.02.2017

Franznap is back in our team. Check his sets for the Napoleonic period, especially the army of Baden

Three new sets of Imperial Romans 1st century AD from No retreat

Two new sets of Samurai and Ashigaru climbing up a siege ladder from DT-Models

Last but not least an ACW Ironclad from Imperial. The model is 68cm long and has a weight of 2 kilos! 

NEW 21.01.2017

Three sets of French infantry in the French Revolution. Maybe also useful for the campaign of 1806-07 (after some month in the field)

Greek Thureophoroi from Darek

Three new sets of US Infantry in Huntingshirt (3 head-Variations) in our range of the American Revolution.

At least our Highlight in our new range "Personalities of history" - Fidel Castro! 


NEW 27.12.2016

We have a new player in our group  - Empire of Elba Miniatures. 

His first units are for sets of Russian infantry 1809-1815. The special thing is they come without head and you have to order the ones you like from 1808 Grenadiers over the 1809 version (mostly worn in 1812) up to the Kiver and special headgears.

Imperial also has increased his range of SYW French army units.  More sets of infantry, artillery and hussars.  

NEW 22.11.2016

US-officers in photoposes with photographers from Imperial-modellbau

NEW 01.11.2016

Five different British guns for the period of the AWI up to the Peninsular war from Imperial Modellbau

Sepoy artilllery for Wellington in India from Fritz-Figures

Mules from Imperial Modellbau

NEW 23.10.2016

Four new sets from Fritz figures:

A British General staff for Wellington in India (my personal favorite)

A Portuguese staff for the Peninsular war

Portuguese infantry for the Peninsular war

British infantry (Peninsular, Rio de la Plata 1807, Maida 1806, Egypt 1807, Walcheren 1809)

Beside this one more British paratrooper from Hagen-Miniatures


NEW 01.10.2016

AWI - US infantry in Hunting Shirt from Hagen Miniatures. The first set in a series for the AWI.

Two Samurai and a peasant from DT Models

Egyptian infantry and Greek mercenaries in Egyptian service 700-500 BC from Darek. These guys fought the Assyrians, Persians and Israelits.

French Tirallieurs Anamite and Chinese Blackflags for Indochina 1880ies from Fritz Figures

NEW 22.09.2016

From Minairons two new series - 28mm Armoured vehicles and 15mm Aircraft - both for the Spanish Civil war period

NEW 16.09.2016

Two French Guard Footartillerycrews with guns from Imperial 

Also from Imperial a pyramide of muskets and some equipment.

And from GBM we have a Portuguese Artillery

NEW 03.09.2016

British infantry Peninsular war marching and British 43rd light Infantry also Peninsular war from GBM

From Fritz figures we have Indian and African oxen for the colonial ranges

NEW 25.08.2016

More sets for Frank Zieglers set "Gewalthaufen"

We welcome our new Team-Member "Northern Metal" with his first set of Swedish infantry in the Russo-Swedish war of 1788-90.

NEW 16.08.2016

French Horse-Artillery in the hussar uniform from Yogi's Figuren

Portuguese Cazadores from Foy

Austrian Hussars 1805-15 from Honved miniatures

Also from Honved a new set in their 15mm 1849 range - Hungarian Nationalguards

NEW 28.07.2016

Dollies of naked male and femal figures. Try to sculpt the cloth and equipment yourself - From DT Miniatures

NEW 22.07.2016

Prussian dragoons and Civilians SYW from RF miniatures

28mm Prussian SYW infantry in our 1:56 section

NEW 11.07.2016

1/72 tanks and vehicles from Minairons. Mostly Spanish civil war and early WW2, but one tank from a "Fantasy-Series" too. 

NEW 22.06.2016

Roman cavalry 3rd Century AD from Darek

Austrian Legion Archduke Carl 1809 from Hagen

Polish Panzernis 16th to early 18th century from Fritz-Figures (In range Vienna 1683)

NEW 18.06.2016

first of all we want to welcome the "new guy" in our group - Minairons Miniatures! For the start we put the 1/72 figures for the Spanish civil war in the shop, the complete range will follow in the next weeks.

Four new sets from Darek - Jews 700 BC, Jews 70 AD, Republican Roman infantry and a set of Roman Civilians loading a wagon.

Scythians mastered by Frank Ziegler, sold through Hagen directly

Portuguese infantry 1810 by Foy

British napoleonic Staff by TM 1815 


NEW 07.06.2016

French Trainsoldiers 1805-1813 from Imperial

A Polish army of the Polish insurrection 1794 from Leonid

Polish cavalry 1939 and German Paratroopers in Russia from GEBO

Japanese Daimyos from DT-Models

Roman army 3rd century AD from Darek

Britisch  wounded at Arnhem from Hagen Miniatures

Ancient navy rowers from Imperial

NEW 17.05.2016

Rice bags from DT models

NEW 08.05.2016

After a long time finally the complete Swiss "Gewalthaufen" from Frank Ziegler. Let the Burgundians come:-)

NEW 05.05.2016

"Naked" horses from Imperial

WW2 Personalities from Fritz-Figures

SYW and FIW French infantry from Imperial

 NEW 04.05.2016

28mm Austrian infantry SYW from Fritz-Figures. Go to the 28mm section

NEW 18.04.2016

French Dragons and another set of their Elite company from GBM. We put them into the Peninsular war section.

Dutch infantry 1815 - two sets from GMB

Russian Guard Grenadiers 1812-14 from Leon

Mounted Russian Infantryofficer 1812-14 from Leonid

Bavarian Dragons 1806-1809 from Fritz Figures

Also from Fritz Figures Bavarian infantry for the French Revolution in Rumford-Uniform.

French Grenadiers of the Ancien Regime for the early years of the French Revolution, again from Fritz-Figures

We also have three new sets from DT-Models Samurai-Invasion range

Samurai Casualties

Ming Casualties Set 2

Ming Support Group

NEW 21.03.2016

SYW Prussian artillerytrain and mortars with crew as well as new multipose figures from RF figures. 

Japanese siege Artillery and some more Ming Chinese figures from DT models

French Voltigeurs 1808-14 from GBM

Russian Grenadiers 1812-15 from Fritz-Figures

An Inka Train 16th century from Fritz-Figures

NEW 28.01.2016

Westfalian Guard Jäger 1812 and Bavarian Chevaulegers waiting from GBM

Austrian Cuirassiers from the French Revolution 1790ies from Fritz-Figures

NEW 21.01.2016

Prussian infantry SYW Multipose-figures from RF figures

Chinese and Japaneses Casualties from DT's Range of 16th century East-Asia range

Dismounted French Hussars with officer horses (horseholders) from Yogi's figuren

NEW 27.12.2015

Napoleonic British Train soldiers from Fritz-Figures 

NEW 26.12.2015

We were able to lay our hands on the last DVDs from Jan's Series "Modelwelten - Model-Worlds" These DVDs are sold out for a long time. They show how to make Dioramas, painting and converting figures etc. Jan filmed a lot of hobbyfriends at their work. Be fast if you want them, we don't have much of them. Find them at Manufactor Hagen or in the marketplace, categorie DVD.

NEW 08.12.2015

Catalonian light infantry 1808 by GB Miniatures

Dutch Militia 1815 also by GB Miniatures (several Sets)

NEW 21.11.2015

After a lot of mails we got here now our first set in 28mm. Find them in the start page under the label 1:56. If they cover the costs we will enlarge the range and even make other figures. For those of you interested in producing their own 28mm please contact us.

NEW 08.11.2015

Three set of 1812 Russian Grenadiers from Leon

Dismounted French Hussars from Yogi

A Polish infantry flag bearer in addition to the range of Fritz-Figures

Druids/Priests at the sacrifice from Imperial 

NEW 25.10.2015

French and Wurttemberg Infantry 1812 from Leon

NEW 28.09.2015

Dutch-Belgian light cavalry at Waterloo from GBM

3 sets of Ming Chinese troops from DT-Models

Republican Roman and Carthagian infantry from our new member Darek

Late Medieval Townguard from Imperial

NEW 26.09.2015

A Wurttemberg General and a set of Wurttemberg Cavalry 1812 from Leon

NEW 13.09.2015

British infantry in colonial uniform 1800-1815 by Fritz Figures. Especially made for Wellington in India, but useful for a lot of other campaigns. And not just as British! 

NEW 01.09.2015

We have a new manufactor in the team "Figures from Leon". His first three sets are Russian infantry 1812-14, Russian medic with wounded 1812-14 and my favourite Russian infantry 1786-96 in Potemkin uniform. More sets will follow very soon.

Also three Prussian artilleryteams of the SYW and the Vignette "The old Fritz and the Pandur" from RF Miniatures 

A Prussian infantry ammunition wagon in the SYW by Imperial


NEW 21.08.2015

"Caravan" from Toma Miniatures

We have a new guy in the group - No Retreat Miniatures. The first set are 8 knights for the 100YW, more sets will follow.

NEW 26.07.2015

French Horse artillery French Revolution from Fritz-Figures

NEW 16.07.2015

Ming Chinese infantry and artillery with guns from DT-Models

NEW 11.07.2015

A well fed Zulu Induna from Fritz-Figures

Four new Austrian infantry 1792-1800 from Fritz-Figures

Five German warriors 1st Century AD from Imperial

French staff officers 1st Empire from TM 1815

NEW 09.07.2015

Napoleon 1796 at Arcole - special figure from Fritz-Figures Revolutionary war range

Afghan regular infantry 2nd Afghan war from Fritz-figures

Two new British paratroopers WW2 from Hagen

General Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg from Imperial

Confederate artillery in waiting position from Imperial

 NEW 25.06.2015

Großjägersdorf - Prussian hussars charging a Russian battery in the SYW. A great group from Fritz-Figures

NEW 14.06.2015

Japanese sailors  in landing kit WW2 from Fritz-Figures

A new Turkish infantryman for the Crimea from Fritz-Figures

We also changed the price of the Mysorean Mortar which was a mistake and far too high!

NEW 26.05.2015

Tiger-style Indian mortar with Crew, Mysore 1790 from Fritz-Figures

NEW 12.05.2015

Infantry of the 30YW from Honved-Miniatures. Their first set in 1/72

Napoleonic small ammunition wagon and teg-wagon from Imperial.

Also from Imperial a timeless Christian Stone-Cross

NEW 07.05.2015

Christian infantry 1680-1700 from Fritz-Figures. These figures could be used in the Turkish wars, 9-years war, English and Irish at the Boyne, English in Tangier etc. 

NEW 14.04.2015

Pancho Villa's bunch got some mounted reinforcements. Take a look at Cole Ridge Models

NEW 08.04.2015

Austrian artillery 1848/49 from Fritz Figures. The first figures in this scale in our shop which were designed and printed in 3D.

NEW 03.04.2015

British Infantry Waterloo from Fritz Figures. The poses are mostly for defending buildings and removing wounded comrades.

NEW 28.03.2015

French Medics from TM 1815 miniatures

Austrian Grenzers 1800-1809 from Fritz-Figures

Austrian Infantry 1787-1800 from Fritz-Figures

NEW 27.03.2015

Two new sets of 15mm figures for the Hungarian war of independence/Risorgimento from Honved Miniatures

NEW 26.03.2015

French infantry 1809-13 from GBM

French canons Gribeauval-system from Imperial

A lot of accessoires in 1:16 Scale from Imperial  

NEW 08.03.2015

Spanish cavalry 1808 from our new hobby-friend Foy-Figures

NEW 01.03.2015

More Bavarian Chevaulegers 1809-1815 from GBM

NEW 21.02.2015

British Paratroopers Arnhem 1944 from Hagen-Miniatures

NEW 14.02.2015

French Grenadiers from our new hobbyfriend FHF Miniatures

The first Bavarian Chevauleger from GBM, more will follow in the next days.

NEW 13.02.2015

Samurai and Ashigaru with Naganita vom DT-J

NEW 25.01.2015

Moderne US-Infantry (2008+) from Enfilade miniatures

King Wilhelm and his son as well as several figures of marching Prussian infantry, Franco-Prussian war from Imperial.

Dead and wounded Dutch infantry from our new parten TM 1815 Miniatures

And for those of you who want to try sculpting themselves we have dollies of casualty figures in the category Rennaisance - Accessory 

NEW 11.01.2015

Modern Russian squad (2014) from Enfilade miniatures

NEW 02.01.2015

Several "naked" horses from Imperial, useful for all periods. Especially for our range of Wellington in India.

Christian cavalry 1680ies to 1707 from Fritz-Figures. These Cuirassiers are useful for most of the European nations in this period.

NEW 12.12.2014

French and Indian war Rogers Rangers and Highlander around a fire from Hagen-Miniatures

Two new Medieval sets from Toma

Several Set of SYW Prussian Pontoniers from RF 

New 02.12.2014

General Jackson and Konfederate artillery from Imperial

Two Roman Hastati from RJ Ancients

Several new sets of moderns from Enfilade

Three sets of Belgian infantry for Waterloo from GBM

Schaumburg Lippe Carabiniers and a Prussian Grenadier from RF

15mm Austrian Dragoons 1848/49 from Honved miniatures

1:16 Leichttraktor VK 31 - limited edition


NEW 08.11.2014

French Chasseur a pied 1870/71 from Fitz-Figures

NEW 29.10.2014

This time something total different. We have a new manufactor, Dragons Cave whose first set

is Fantasy/Pulp with a "Kampfgruppe of the Continental-European Alliance"

NEW 09.10.2014

Dutch Carabiniers for Waterloo from GB-Miniatures

French Viviandrines, Polish Panzernis 17th century and two new Indian artillery-pieces from Fritz-Figures

WW1 German Anti-Aircraft-unit from Hagen-Miniatures


NEW 07.10.2014

General Lasalle with three officers from Yogi's Figuren

NEW 02.10.2014

Two new sets from Enfilade miniatures. Modern African Rebels and South African forces.

NEW 30.09.2014

We got a collection of rare figure sets, guns, vehicles etc. from Finescale factory, CW-Toys and other manufactures which you can see in our Market place or at your favourite period. As there are often just 1-2 sets available you have to be fast.

NEW 29.09.2014

Several new sets of German infantry WW2 from GEBO Minitatures

NEW 23.09.2014

15mm Austrian artillery 1848/49 from Honved-Miniatures. Take a closer look at this set, the first figures made in 3D-Technic.

A second set of Polish winged Husars from Fritz-Figures. This time dismounted troopers.

NEW 02.09.2014

An new maunfactor of 1/72 figures joined us. Enfilade figures is producing 1/72 figures for modern wars (1945+).

NEW 29.08.2014

The first two figures for our new range "The siege of Vienna 1683". Polish winged husars in waiting position. Sie at the period or under Fritz-Figures

NEW 25.08.2014

Mounted officer for the British rifles

Ahigarus having a break

Ronin attacking civilians

All figures from the Eisenbühler Privatoffizin

NEW 11.08.2014

15mm Honved Husars from  Honved-Miniatures

18th century sailors from Hagen, available  in the 18th century Northamerika section

NEW 15.07.2014

Austrian infantry 1800-1809 from Fritz-Figures

NEW 13.07.2014

Spanish commandgroup 1808 from GBM

Two new Hereos from our own production at Hagen-Miniatures. Please notice, some of these Hereros could also be used as Ahantis and other west-african people!

A set of four dead Mysore soldiers from Fritz-Figures Wellington in India range

NEW 11.07.2014

Hungarian Honved infantry for the uprising of 1848/49 from Hagen-Miniatures

A complete Set of Ashigarus in firing line from DT-Models

NEW 08.07.2014

New French Mitrailleuse with 4-Man crew 1870/71 from Imperial

NEW 30.06.2014

An ACW Union artillery from Imperial and from Mibodi Cardinal Richelieu as personality figure.

NEW 23.06.2014

British and French Sepoys for the wars in the 1780ies and early 1790ies in India from Fritz-Figures. Same poses as the existing range, just the right headgear for the earlier wars.

NEW 10.06.2014

Highlanders for the American war of Independence or the wars in India in the 1780ies

NEW 21.05.2014

Spanish Artillery 1808 from GB Miniatures

NEW 12.05.2014

The new sets from Toma-Miniatures, Crusaders and the cross on an ox-wagon. Remember the Kingdom of the heavens!

Beside this a new traveling coach for the 18th century from RF-Miniatures

NEW 09.05.2014

Honved-miniatures sent the next set of the ever growing range of 15mm figures for the Hungarian war of independence 1848/49 - this time Austrian infantry

Also we have to offer sets from RF, SYW Prussian staff, Farmers and Villagers

NEW 08.05.2014

69 years ago was the end of WW in Europe. That came into my mind when I started to put the news into the shop now.

From GEBO we have a lot of news for WW2 fans (and after)

German Tankreiters Kursk 1943 in winterdress

German infantry in winter dress

Tank crew "1946" for Panzer Mauss etc.

And a lot of ladies in uniforms:-)

NEW 27.04.2014

Today we got a huge collection of metal figures from a hobby-friend who wants to get rid of some part of his collection. Check at our "Marketplace" all the figures from Morion, Stegmann etc. All the sets are available several times.
 All the figures are also sorted in the historical periods too.


NEW 20.04.2014

Fritz-Figures started with a new period - the French Revolution. First figures are Swiss Guards 1792. Beside this the Indian army against Wellington finally got their artillery.

Hagen-Miniatures als started with the AWI, also having some new British Napoleonic infantry in greatcoat and a vignette of Spanish Cuera-Dragoons in Mexico.

Finally we are getting more and more photos of Tumbling-Dice figures on the blog. Hopefully within the next six month we can offer a photo to every set from this manufactor.

NEW 17.04.2014

Some more figures for the French and Indian war from Hagen

A complete medieval brothel from A.S. Kingsbridge

NEW 07.04.2014

much more British rifles added to our Napoleonic range

A new Manufactor GEBO is with us, his first two ranges are Mexican militias for 1862-1917 and a great set of Casualties for the 100 years war

NEW 02.04.2014

A new manufactor joined us, GBM Modellling. His first set are the long awaited Belgian Carabiniers for Waterloo.

Hagen itself has news too - French infantry and a marching Highlander for the SYW or the French and Indian war.

NEW 27.03.2014

New manufactor in figures - Compagnie de Elite who started with Prussian Towarzcys 1806/07

NEW 14.03.2014

More 16th/17th century Civilians as well as Confederate ladies from Mibodi.

NEW 09.03.2014

British Rifles from Eisenbühler Zinnfiguren

Heavy Korean infantry 1592 from DT-Models

Republican Roman infantry from RJ Ancients

NEW 07.03.2014

Chinese soldiers of the 8 Banner army 17th to 19th century from Fritz-Figures

Pancho Villa range from Coal Ridge Models 

Two Hereo Women carrying waterbottles and ammunition from Hagen-Miniatures

NEW 04.03.2014

Three German Askaris East-Africa 1914 with an officer from Hagen-Miniatures

Two German Southwest-Africa Schutztruppe Officers 1904-15


NEW 25.02.2014

A new manufactor joined us. Honved-Miniatures from Hungary, producing 15mm figures for the Hungarian war of independence 1848/49. The first set is Hungarian artillery, much more sets will follow soon.

NEW 09,02.2014

Rough Riders, US infantry and Spanish infantry, Spanish-American war 1898-1900.

German officer WW1

NEW 22.01.2014

The new Medieval range from TOMA Miniatures and some more Bisons for the Indian hunt.

NEW 13.01.2014

we have added the full range of Tumbling Dice figures to the shop.

 NEW 30.12.2013

Samurai warriors from our new manufactor DT-models

 NEW 07.11.2013

Swiss Pikemen, Arquebusiers and Archers from Frank Ziegler

German Pilotes WW1 from Hagen-Miniatures

Scythian archers on food by Hagen-Miniatures

Indians with Canoe from S-Minis

Carthagian infantry from RJ-Ancients

The "Alte Fritz" on horseback by RF-Figuren 

NEW 23.10.2013

Prussian Jagers for the Franco-Prussian war

NEW 21.10.2013

All the new sets from TOMA-Miniatures

NEW 18.10.2013

26 new Bavarians for the Franco-Prussian war

NEW 18.10.2013

New manufactor Franznap is now with us too

NEW 30.09.2013

New manufactor S-Minis joined us

NEW 28.09.2013

Manufactor Frank Ziegler brought his range of 15th century Swiss pikemen etc.

NEW 22.09.2013

MGM models with his ACW range joined us.

AS Kingsbridge models are with us now too

NEW 14.09.2013

Border Reivers figures from Hagen-Miniatures

NEW 09.09.2013

the complete range of uniform-plates for the Napoleonic period from Compagnie de Elite

NEW 30.08.2013

two "naked" horses from Imperial, useful for all periods or for the Fritz-Figures range of Wellington in India.

NEW 27.08.2013

We got the whole Wodensfeld-Range of SYW and ACW figures

NEW 15.08.2013

TS-flags joined us too. Flags from the medieval period up the the ACW











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