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Here we want to introduce the different manufactors who are on our page!

Please understand that some of these people are hobbyists, so they have their own

job to earn money and sometimes a family . So they are not available the whole day  in

case you have a question about a special article. So in case  it takes some time to get an

answer it is not a bad service, but it is in the nature of things.




Imperial was established 1989 by three people, one of them was Andy Brune.

After a short time the two others left and Andy remainded remained. 1993 he started a

cooperation with other peoples and the company Fine Scale Factory into which the old

stuff from Imperial was  added too. This cooperation endet 1999 and Fine Scale was gone

In 2002 Andy Brune took over the whole company and from this time the old name

Imperial was brought forward again. Around this time he started with another range

too, Tanks in scale 1:16.


Since 2004 Andy Brune is running Imperial-Modellbau as his main job with changing

subjects. After the run on 1:16 tanks abated, he is now again concentrating on 1/72 with

his main interest in the Franco-Prussian war, colonial wars, the Romans and much more.

Also being a wargamer his interest in 15 mm and 28mm is still there and he thinks

that in the future he can offer models and figures for these ranges too.

contact Andreas Brune: Tel.: 02331-367446 (10.00 - 19.00 Uhr)  -  E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





 Uwe Wild started with his interest on figures at the age of four when his mother

 painted figures in other scales (Farmers, Angels etc.) as a kind of home-work and when

his parents asked him what he wanted as a Christmas gift he asked them to paint his

Cowboy and Indian figures.

After this start in 1:32 with much more Airfix sets adding to his collection he sometimes

changed for 1:72 because the battles became bigger and he is still focused on this



In the 1990ies Uwe joint the Gettysburgproject from Peter Herfen and together with a

lot of other hobbyfriends they worked on this diorama which at the and had 25.000

figures on a plate 80 meters in square.

From this day onwards, Uwe together with other friends is organising an anual

diorama project which is on show at different figure fairs and sometimes in museums

too. If you want to see photos of all the dioramas you are invited to his blog at  . Every collector is invited to join the projects. In the past

a lot of international friends added figures and support to the diormas.


Beside his interest in 1:72 figures, Uwe is also a hobby-historian and a researcher of

uniforms with an archive of more than 400.000 paintings, photos etc. of uniforms from 

ancient times up to 1930. Maybe this describes his interest in lesser known subjects?

In the past Uwe paid sculptors to make him special figures for his projects or simply

exotic stuff he wanted to have for his collection. In several years the range grew fast

and he thought other hobby-friends around the world might be interested to get such

figures too. The profit from the selling always goes into new masters as he has a good

job for earning money and this is simply a hobby for him.


His interest as Historian starts with the creation of Adam and ends today. The focus on

uniform-research ends in 1930 just because it would be too much stuff to collect WW2 

and later material too.


 contact Uwe Wild - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Frank Ziegler - Miniatur Figuren

Besides his profession, Frank Ziegler's interests for archaeological and historical subjects belonging to his figure sculpting too. It is his challange, to transpose his investigation to sculpting and modelling. The favourite subjects are the prehistory and antiquity, but also the late medieval.

He is sculpting 1:72 miniature figures since 2007 and has developed his conception to fit special subjects with combinable types of figures.

He follows this conception also with the model of 1:72 miniature „Raw-Master“ horses with different gaits respectively situations. This could be the base for a new range of mounted figures.



Coal Ridge Models

I am Markus Schenk from Duisburg, Gemany. Coal Ridge Models springs from an idea I had for a long time.

My own little "label" that produces the models I missed in other ranges.

As a little toddler I played on the living room carpet the fights I saw on TV. Favorites then and now John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and the Western movies from "Bella Italia".

Wooden blockhouses and Airfix-cowboys vanished with the time to be replaced by lead soldiers and proper wargamers rule books.

Coal Ridge models is meant to carry on in this tradition. Producing real honchos from the old time movies for the collector and wargamer alike.

Contact Markus at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




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